Appearances Are Often More Deceiving

As I’ve recently begun to get involved in home improvement which lead me to take the outside of my home into serious consideration – living alone as a single guy has caused me to take care of my property more so than those around me. I feel like I am being judged more critically than anyone else on the block because of my status as a bachelor rather than a family man. Maybe that’s why I decided to go with the plantation shutters over all the others. I want my house to look the best and look as if someone takes care of it.

In other neighborhoods I’ve lived before I bought this place, it was typically the single dude that often allowed his home to fall apart around him. The paint on the windows would be faded and chipped while the lawn would be haphazardly cut, the bushes going without ever being trimmed and generally looking like a place whose owner didn’t care. As a single person who owns a home, it is without a doubt a difficult task to maintain it all by yourself. I’ve never found it easy but I’ve worked hard to ensure it looks great regardless of that.

My neighbors are all judgemental about one another. Had I known that this neighborhood was going to be anything close to like this I would have never moved in but sometimes you can’t choose where you’re going to live or predict how people are going to behave. As the only single guy on the block, I guess I shouldn’t be entirely surprised that they are judging me rather harshly – in this day of age, men are often villified for being men. They probably see me as some kind of lazy guy who won’t take care of his own home.

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