Comparing Regional Cable TV Providers

One of the strange things about cable companies is that they are often limited to specific geographical areas. People in one state might love a specific company and recommend them to all of their friends, just to find out that the company does not even offer service at that person’s location. Even major companies like Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner Cable do not cover the entire country, but there are regional providers that have even smaller areas that they can serve. These companies vary a lot in the details so you can see some notes and comparisons at to get a better idea.

Of course the hard part for these regional companies is trying to compete with the biggest brands in the market. Fortunately they sometimes can stick to niche areas where bigger cable companies do not want to spend the money to expand and try to compete. However, DirecTV does not have this limitation as they can sign up almost any customer that has a direct line of sight to the sky where their satellite is located. This means that they are constantly in competition with DirecTV and almost every customer has the option of going regional or trying out satellite.

The biggest differences are actually not that big usually, as most of these companies look to each other and make sure to stay even. If a regional company wants to compete with a big name like DirecTV, they have to offer top of the line cable boxes and channel selections. This can be hard for smaller companies due to the overhead costs, but it is really the only way to stay competitive. One place where they really cannot compete is with the NFL package that DirecTV offers called Sunday Ticket. Even though most companies have a solid selection of football games available every Sunday, DirecTV is the only place that can show every single game of the season.

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