Going to a University is Nothing Like High School

At the university that I attend, I just felt like a number for a long time. I am used to much smaller classes with a lot of attention from my teachers back in high school. After I received two tests in a row back with failing grades on them from my professor, I knew I had to get help from https://physicstuitionsg.com where some of my fellow students have gone for help. There, I have received customized help from the man who owns it and tutors many other students who struggle to understand their college-level physics classes, too.

I always knew that college would hard, but I feel like there’s a major difference between just how hard it is compared to high school. I went to a private high school and the curriculum was a great one, but it was no comparison to sitting in an auditorium filled with 100 students in each of my classes. It seemed so odd not to be able to just speak out loud to a teacher standing only 20 feet away from me at the front of a small classroom like I used to

Sometimes, I would stay after class in order to get help from my professor. However, I often ran into the trouble of needing to stay in line to wait my turn behind about 20 other students who had the same idea. I would often give up and go home so that I could try to figure out my homework on my own. I realized that the only way I would make it out of my class was to pay a tutor to give me the assistance that my professor was unable to. I now feel a lot more confident at my university because of the extra help, I will continue to get more tutoring help during my next level of physics next year, too.

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