Had a Pretty Good Debut with the Band

Network Marketing Stories » Blog Archive » Affiliate Software ...The guys really worked hard at it before we decided to go out on stage together. Of course John and I have been in other bands, but the other guys are younger by a few years. Mitch and Garry are not old enough to drink legally and they had to get permission to play in bars and nightclubs. We made a good effort at getting the place full. I had some pretty decent leaflet printing made, a girl I know designed a graphic for us and we have our own sparse little web page. It is something that we have been thinking about very little though. At first this band sounded pretty rough and I was not really sure it was going to come together until the latter stages of it.

In fact I sort of recruited Mitch and Garry more for their ability as lyricists to start with. I knew both of them for some time and I knew they were both interested in songwriting as a discipline. They were interested in the challenge of it and I admit that this interests me as well. In the past I have written a lot of music, that is how I really earn my living now. However I never really did that much lyrics writing, it was something that I was always rather self conscious about to be honest. You can say that I lack confidence as a songwriter to put it succinctly, but these guys were interested in overcoming their perceived weaknesses. In fact I really like a couple of songs that we have worked on and I like to have my name on the songwriting credits for a song that I think is really well crafted. In fact we did not play any original material, it is not time for that yet.

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