Had to Get House Pumped out

This was not any fun. The other day I went to work same as usual, but about lunch time this person called me and told me that there was water coming out of my house. I was not even sure who it was or how they got my number, but I called someone who lives down the street and they went up to my place and told me that it was true. It was a real mess. The pipes going to the water heater had burst and I had to get these plumbers in Brislington to patch it up and fix. Apparently they had done something to weaken the pipes when they put them in and of course the hot water pipes are under some stress from expansion and cooling off all of the time. It is not like I know why it happened, but it sure did make a really big mess of my place.

There was water every place. Of course I had to get some people to help me and a bunch of stuff had to tossed in the trash. In fact I had to get one of those folding dumpster like things. I think they call it the bagster or something like that. I filled it up and the trash can as well. It is not so hard to do it, but it is a lot of work. Obviously you have to get the water out of all of cracks and crevices. It is going to get in to everything and you have to come up with a way to get it out of way. That is not simple. Of course you use a big squeegee to push the water out the door in the areas where you can and you have to pick it up elsewhere.

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