Housecleaning As a Birthday Gift

My mom may be nearly 70 years old, but she can outpace most people who are my age. She has always been in great shape, and she keeps herself busy which also helps a lot. When she retired, there were some who thought she would slow down some, but that just helped her to do even more now that she had even more free time. As for me, I figured she was going to just get busier. That is why I started researching for a part time helper in Singapore about a month before she was due to retire.

She spent a lot more time at home when she was working because she had such a specific schedule. With her days free, she is able to help any number of her favorite charities out. One day she may be working with shelter animals, and the next she may be at her church helping where ever she is needed. It keeps her happy, so I knew she would be even happier to have someone come in every week or so and do a lot of the major cleaning for her. I knew she would still do the day to day cleaning herself, but to have someone come in and do the rest would allow her to do what she really wants to do with her time now.

It did not take me long to figure out that Kleepers is the best company to use for this. They hire only the best workers, and each one is trained in exactly the same way so the experience remains consistent over time. When I told my mom what her gift was on her birthday, she started laughing because she told me that she was going to look into getting a cleaner as well within a few weeks!

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