Looking for a Place for My Mom

It is time for my Mom to leave the house, but it is not going to be easy to convince her of that. She has a beautiful little house in a nice neighborhood. At this point in time it would be pretty easy for us to get it sold at a pretty decent price, although it is so small that it is only suitable for two people, I have been looking at my options and I have spoken to a place that provides elder care in queens. It would really not please my Mom, because she would be moving away from her church and all of her friends. That stuff is a really big deal to her and she would not easily agree to move here. However this place is only a short drive from where I am living and not very far from where my sister is right now. We would both be able to visit with her pretty easily and without it being a burden. I am going to look for a place which would be convenient to her friends and the people in her congregation. It would have to be something which was really solid. I want a place close to me so that I will feel like I can keep an eye on the people who are supposed to watch her. A lot of bad things can happen in a retirement home, especially if there is no one watching out for the person that is being attended to. If you show up regularly and act like you are vigilant for signs of abuse, that is going to go a long way towards preventing it. It has to be a good deterrent to anyone who might be otherwise tempted to do stuff that is going to harm the person that you love.

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