Pet-Friendly Apartments in Oklahoma City

Have you seen the apartments at They are really nice. I was surprised to see what the inside of the apartments looked like. I thought since they spent so much making the outside of these apartments look so nice that the inside might be a bunch of shortcuts. I was wrong. I liked them so much that I rented one last week.

This is the perfect place for a working guy like me. I have a one bedroom apartment that I can afford the rent on, and it is not some run down place. It is a new place that is kept very well by the apartment management. My apartment inside looks really classy. I have a really nice kitchen, and the bathroom is all nice and clean. The last place I lived in had an old bathroom from when my grandmother was a young woman. I was ashamed of it and the kitchen. Even my grandmother asked me when I was going to move out of that place.

She is the one that found me these apartments in the Oklahoma City area. It is not far from where I work, and that really saves on the commuting costs. The outside of the apartments are very well made and look nice too. They do the landscaping really nice. I don’t have to cut grass any more. I also get to use the swimming pool here.

The nicest thing of all of it is that the place is pet-friendly. I have a Mastiff named Cora who has been my pal for years. She is a big dog but not a messy dog. I get to have her here in this nice apartment. I had rented the old place because it was the only place that would let me keep my dog. It is nice that good places realize that pet owners who take care of their pets will take care of the apartment too.

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