Reaching the Decision to Store Furniture

When my brother was offered a temporary job in London, he had to decide what to do with his condo. He has been living there for nearly six years now, so he wasn’t sure if he should maintain it for the year he would be gone or to look for storage space for Singapore residents and store all of his possessions. I knew that if it was me, I would maintain the condo, but that is because I have a connection with so many people where I live. He is different though. He works so many hours that he really hasn’t had a chance to get to know too many where he lives.

While it would be convenient to just keep the condo so he would not have to worry about moving his possessions twice, he could not justify the cost of doing so in his mind. I can definitely understand there, because storing all of his furniture and other possessions costs just a small fraction of the cost of maintaining his condo. He looked at different storage facilities in the area, and when he found Store Friendly, he knew that he was going to use one of their storage spaces.

It only made sense for him. It would cost him a very low amount to store three rooms of furniture along with dozens of boxes. Everything would be stored in a safe location, and it is conveniently located so it would not even take that long to move everything there. Some of my friends helped us with the move, and he is saving a lot of money each month by doing it this way. When he returns in eight months, he will stay with me until he can find another condo. Maybe we will even be able to find him one in the same complex I am in!

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