Reasons Why You Stick with the Full Chiropractic Treatment Plan

You do not have to get hit hard in an auto accident to have a long lasting injury that is tough to heal. Back and neck injuries can be particularly problematic. Some old movie and TV show plots showed the guy in the neck brace trying to scam an insurance company for whiplash. That is when the head whips back in an accident. It is why headrests where put into cars. Still, there can be whiplash injuries as well as other back and neck injuries that happen in slow speed collisions. You could see my San Jose car accident chiropractor to find out just how debilitating the injuries can become without treatment.

People usually do not recover overnight, even though chiropractic treatment often gives instant relief. You can go into a chiropractor in awful pain and leave feeling like a million bucks. However, the damage that is causing the nerves to be irritated is still there. Manipulations and therapy keep you going, and they also promote healing. You need to go the rest of the way and rebuild the affected area through proper stretching and weight-bearing exercises. It takes some time to get fully well. This is why your chiropractor asks you to come back for a treatment plan. It is not to bill your insurance for the maximum number of visits. It is to get you fully well so the pain never returns.

The first time I went to a chiropractor I felt great after the first treatment. I went for a couple more and then stopped. I thought it was a waste of time. Then my back trouble returned. I put up with it for years. Then I went to a different chiropractor because we relocated. I stuck with it and made a whole lot of progress. I did very well as long as I kept up my exercises. When I started to become lacks in my responsibility, the pain started to creep back in making me want to go back for another adjustment. Full healing means you do the full therapy.

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