Satellite Options with Direct TV

I have been thinking about finding a new provider for television. I was talking on the phone about my provider for my television and the representative was pretty rude. It is one the worst experiences with a customer service representative that I Have ever had in my entire life. This person actually insulted me directly, at which point I just hung up the phone. I am canceling and I want to get Direct TV at my house, because it seems like a better option than what I was doing before. I think I might actually save money by switching, and at the same time get more channels.

I have a few channels that I have always wanted, but weren’t really available under my last cable company. So maybe I will be able to get them once I change my service to satellite. I sure hope so. I am also going to need to look at the options that they have for sports channels. Right now, I miss out on some of the sporting events that I want to watch, because I do not have the channels that they come on.

Sometimes, I will go to a bar and watch them, but that is not very convenient, and it is also fairly expensive when you think about it. There are a lot of things to spend money on at a bar, and it is pretty easy to rack up a bill that is on the order of what you spend on cable service in an entire month. For example, if you’re at a sports bar that has a good menu. You could easily spend 30 bucks on beer, and 30 bucks on food, and that is how much I usually spend per month on my television bill. So clearly, it is a waste of money to do that sort of thing.

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