Some of the Reasons I Am Moving

I am not happy with where I live at all. It is not too bad a place really, if you only consider the actual apartment. It is not in the best area of town though, and I get tired of hearing sirens all the time. I knew when my neighbor was mugged just a block away that I had to find a new place to live. I started looking that same day, which is how I found myself looking at the different apartment features on The first thing I did was check out the neighborhood, because I did not want to find myself in a similar situation.

It did not take me long before I realized that it is actually in one of the best parts of the city. This apartment complex had so much more going for it though. In addition to being in a great location, it also has so many amenities, both in the apartments as well as the grounds. The apartment that I live in now doesn’t even have a swimming pool, so seeing how nice the pool is along with the game room, dog park, fitness center and all the other things that residents can use was just one of the reasons why I want to move there.

The other reason is because of the apartments. They have several different layouts, and I like all of them! I am living in a one bedroom apartment right now. The bathroom is tiny, the kitchen makes up one side of the living room, and I have to use the laundromat down the road. In the apartment I will be moving into in a few months, the bathroom is twice as big, the kitchen is a completely separate room, and I can do my laundry right in my apartment!

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