The Hackers Are Making Headway

I was reading that a huge home security company recently had a breech in their own security systems when a person, known as an internet hacker, went into their systems to steal a lot of peoples codes. The hacker knew what they were looking for as they only went for homes that had square footage over five thousand square feet. I knew that it was going to be good for me and for the other people in the area to see if we were some of those that were hacked. The hacker said that they were not going to do anything with the information that they had gotten. I knew that it was a really big deal and that it was going to be important to see if I had to change all of my codes and passwords. They told me that they wanted to make sure that we knew that they were going to come out to our house and change all of our codes and passwords. I was talking to a few people about what they were going to do and they told me that they were going to file a law suit against the company because they were not keeping our things safe like ADT was. I wanted to change over to the ADT company and I knew that I had a lot of friends that used them in the past and I thought that this meant a lot to me and I knew that their opinions were going to mean something to my husband as well. We were going to take the time to go and speak to people about all of the problems with the company that we had before and file a class action lawsuit as they firewalls were going to have to be upgraded.

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