The Safest Neighborhood in the City

At night, the Texas ADT home security systems become active. Nearly everyone on my street has a security system installed in some form. Some have a basic system with an alarm, while others have gone the distance, adding motion tracking cameras, loud speakers, and digital locking doors. I was comfortable enough with having a basic system. Everyone has a system because they want to be safe from any threats that may come into the neighborhood. You can never be too careful about who is lurking in the streets at night. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and with the way this neighborhood is protected, no one will ever be sorry.

The trend of security systems in my neighborhood started around 8 years ago. There was a report of a home at the end of the street being broken into by a couple of men. The men were able to escape before the police were able to arrive. The family who lived in that home moved out a few months later. I didn’t know the family that well, but I had talked to them once or twice. It was a sad situation to see them forced out of their own neighborhood by some hoodlum.

Since that incident, everyone became fearful at the possibility of the men coming back, so they decided it was time to protect themselves. That’s when the security installations came. For some people, a system wasn’t enough, so they bought weapons. I don’t things will become that extreme where weapons will be needed, but if they do, I have a few blunt objects in my home that can be used as a weapon. I’d rather not purchase a firearm, because there is always a chance that it may be used against me, or that I may accidentally shoot someone.

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