When a Smart Risk is Necessary

As the American economy began to slow as signs of an impending bubble was ready to burst, my parents decided on what I felt to be a fairly rash action. Since they have had investments in Singapore for some time now, they felt that they would be able to capitalize on the potential loss of their assets here in the United States by liquidating them and moving to Singapore where they would setup a singapore florist shop. I was only fifteen then and I’ve got to say I was pretty underwhelmed and less than impressed by this course of action they chose to go with. At fifteen, though, I was excited about the prospect of leaving the country to explore new opportunities, places and people. Kids are fearless and I was no different, even if I was unhappy about the move I was looking forward at the chance to be able to wander a new city.

Now, still in Singapore and having moved out of my parents place, I’m honestly glad that they took that leap and moved us. A lot of their friends suffered during the recession, some still struggling to return to the lives that they built before. My parents were able to save us from those troubles by being bold enough to take a risk, even if it had been a minimal one, it was one that was well timed and well thought out. I would not be able to have the life that I have now and I wouldn’t be able to live as happily as I do. I do not regret the fact that I was forced to come out here. Every day has been an incredible opportunity for me that I won’t squander. I hope that I will have their same bravery in taking smart risks.

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